Mega ISQ

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Optimal Loading Decision

The Mega ISQ Implant Stability Meter provides exact implant stability measurements in a completely non-invasive procedure that takes just a few seconds.

Mega ISQ is truly revolutionary, and allows dentists to determine the optimal implant loading time with total confidence. The system is far superior to a tactile assessment, and provides more accurate measurements of implant stability, which helps ensure successful implant procedures. Mega ISQ prevents potential cortical bone and tissue damage often associated with an invasive torque method.

Thanks to the accuracy of Mega ISQ’s measurements, dentists can make a well-informed choice of protocol for each patient. By comparing initial and secondary stability readings, they can detect and act on any unexpected development during osseointegration and healing.

When combined with our AnyRidge Implant System, which features patented innovative knife thread designs and Xpeed S-L-A surface technology, you are assured of exceptional stability, much sooner loading and restoration, and better aesthetic outcomes.

Mega ISQ is covered by a full 12-month warranty from date of purchase.



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